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Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (aka MILC cameras)

We just learned about bridge cameras. Now let’s talk about MILC cameras. A mirrorless interchangeable lens camera or MILC camera has a few other names such as compact system camera (CSC), mirrorless system camera (MSC), digital single lens mirrorless (DSLM), and electronic viewfinder with interchangeable lens (EVIL). MILC cameras belong to a relatively new and smaller category that is now getting some popularity among some professional photographers. I already hinted you that MILC stands for mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera. The name says […]

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A good photographer also needs passion. But passion is not a synonym of impulsiveness nor unwise or inappropriate and premature reactions. Passion is an intense enthusiasm and desire for reaching or achieving something. Passion will keep you moving. If you don’t like what you are doing, it will eventually be reflected on your work. Passion keeps the enthusiasm alive and craves for more and more. It looks for new challenges, goals, and projects. When you have passion you get the […]

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A good photographer can stand out for his or her creativity. Think of creativity as producing or conceiving new things and ideas. It means using your imagination to break boundaries and limitations. Great photographers use creativity when they open their mind and explore new possibilities. They are curious about new possibilities. Creativity is about doing more with what you already have and with what you already have learned. Creativity can be applied in many ways such as looking for new […]

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Physical Condition

Go over there, now get closer, now farther. Climb on that chair, now the stairs, go down the hill, hike that mountain. There are so many possible angles to take a shot and most of the people won’t consider any other alternatives. Many alternatives involve moving and going to places that require additional physical efforts. Sometimes, if you are on your own, you may need to carry additional weight. Camera and some other equipment are not always light. And even […]

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