A good photographer can stand out for his or her creativity. Think of creativity as producing or conceiving new things and ideas. It means using your imagination to break boundaries and limitations. Great photographers use creativity when they open their mind and explore new possibilities. They are curious about new possibilities. Creativity is about doing more with what you already have and with what you already have learned. Creativity can be applied in many ways such as looking for new things to photograph or making common subjects look different. It may also involve exploring new combination of settings in the camera for certain surroundings, thinking of new angles prior to shoot, combining unexpected objects into a scene, telling surprising stories with photos, and a lot more.

Picture of Daniela Vladimirova holding a pencil as if it were floating in the air
In order to become a better photographer, learn your tools and skills first and then use them to solve problems or limitations in your photography. Ask yourself new questions. Try to be curious. Whenever you see something try to see what’s behind or around it. Wonder about new possibilities, new places, new people, new combinations, etc. Creativity goes beyond whatever you already have, namely knowledge, equipment, skills, and beyond. All what you don’t know or you don’t have is somehow solved or managed using personal creativity. If I tell you how to solve a problem or how to take a picture, I’m teaching you and you are learning, but if it happens that you come up with a way to do it well in a different or better way using your own thinking then you are using your creativity.

Knowledge is essential, we don’t need to reinvent the things that are already there. But don’t rely on knowledge only. If you don’t know and you can’t learn it, don’t think you reached a dead end. Creativity is stimulated with problems and questions. And anyone who wants to become a better photographer needs to be creative. Learn and use what you have learned to create something new. The more your learn, the more sources you will have to be creative.

Remember, when facing a challenge, ask yourself what can be done or used to overcome it. Be creative.



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