Quote by W. Eugene Smith that says: "Passion is in all great searches and is necessary to all creative endeavors."

A good photographer also needs passion. But passion is not a synonym of impulsiveness nor unwise or inappropriate and premature reactions. Passion is an intense enthusiasm and desire for reaching or achieving something. Passion will keep you moving. If you don’t like what you are doing, it will eventually be reflected on your work. Passion keeps the enthusiasm alive and craves for more and more. It looks for new challenges, goals, and projects. When you have passion you get the fuel to learn, practice, interact, explore and more. Those who are passionate will endure the challenges and obstacles and will do everything so they can achieve what they want.


The good photographer will profit from time and put photography in front of life trivialities.
Passion gives you patience, courage, perseverance, motivation, strength and more. A passionate photographer may try and try many times for a perfect shot. And he or she will wait hidden in the woods for as long as it may take for a perfect photo of a raccoon or a fox, he or she will walk or drive long distances to get that next shot, he or she will wake up early in the morning to get the first sunbeams of the sun hitting on the mountains, and above all, he or she will not give up when things don’t seem to work out. He or she will work to make things better in the next shots. He or she will do and act. He or she won’t let discouragement inflict his or her dreams and ambitions. If you think you have the passion, take advantage of it and use it until all what you do becomes a habit. The hardest part is making that first step. Endure the beginning and you will see that your photos will be a lot better every subsequent phase of your growing experience as a photographer. You will become a better photographer using your passion to your favor.


Now let’s learn about some of the different types of digital cameras that are out there.




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