Image with quote: "Experience. Something you cannot learn from others, but by yourself."

Many photographers are great photographers because of their many years taking pictures. Just like anything else, you tend to become more skillful at something when you do it for a long time. Practice makes the master. An experienced photographer, for example, takes less time configuring his or her camera and/or framing before shooting. They know what they are doing and hesitate less. Things become easier and automatic. Some photographers even say that they feel as if their cameras were part of their body because operating it comes as a second nature. This is something that you only get with constant practice. I’m teaching you what you need to do to become a great photographer, but becoming an actual photographer will rest upon the constant practice of what I’m teaching you here. So practice what you will find in this blog and you will get better and better every time.

There is, however, something you need to be aware of, do things right from the beginning. You must be sure you follow good practices, otherwise you will develop bad habits that may take a great deal trying to correct them. So, in photography, try to apply what you will see here. Hold your camera properly, think of configurations, look at your frame before shooting, observe, think, do, etc. Avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Experience is what makes you do things faster, with confidence and, if you did things properly during your early stages, it will give you solutions and ideas for great shots. This will come naturally, there is no shortcut for experience. Just do things and you will gain it.


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