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Good photography is relative, but…

First, defining a good photograph doesn’t always reach a global consensus. Photography is also a type of art, and art isn’t exact science. It is relative. What you like doesn’t necessarily please everyone. But here is a possibility, if a picture evokes something inside of you, either a powerful or subtle emotion, a desire to look at it attentively, or makes you fulfill a particular purpose, then you could say “that’s a good picture”. It doesn’t have to please everyone, just you.

However, there are times when pictures will need to be taken in a way that please others. For example when you are being paid for those pictures, or when you are entering a contest, or when you simply want others to feel delighted when seeing your photos. So what would you do? Fortunately there are some general principles and techniques that can greatly enhance your pictures and appeal more viewers. And there is a lot in this blog that will help you with that so you can become a good photographer in the eyes of others. Keep in mind that photography is not just about techniques, but it is also about communication and perception.

So, what does it take to be a good photographer in the eyes of others? When people see a great photo, have you noticed that some would say it’s the camera and others will tell you it’s the photographer? Most of the time, as a beginner, one can just look at a picture and don’t really know much about what it took to achieve that picture.

Stating that it’s the camera or the photographer is just part of the story. It’s not that simple. Photography, just as in many other careers, involve indispensable training and education, but the actual success depends on additional aspects that you learn or develop outside the school or books. There are several elements involved in becoming a good photographer. But don’t feel intimidated, you don’t need to excel in every single detail to become a good one.


You can become a good photographer!

First you need to be able to see what you have and what you lack. You will use what you have to your favor and work on the things you need to improve. And while reading this blog, if you find it’s too much or sounds too complicated, don’t feel discouraged. Remember that you don’t need to excel in all areas. As long as you become better in one of them, you are progressing and you can always do your best to keep improving.

So what makes a good photographer? Let’s talk about some aspects that can help. Here is a list of things you can start focusing on. Click on one of them to learn more about it.

These are some of the elements that can make you a good photographer. It is a combination of all of them that can build your photography brand. Photography courses and books tend to focus on the technical knowledge, equipment, and artistic concepts. The rest is on your own or with help of some other types of courses and books outside the photography niche. This blog won’t be the exception because otherwise it would be more of a personal development book than a photography course and that’s another story. So let’s go for the equipment and technical knowledge first and then for the artistic elements.


For you, what does it make a good photographer?

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