Artistic Talent

Great sculptures, paintings, and architecture have been the work of many artists who seem to have been born with a special gift. Photography is also a form of art. Many photographers have used their artistic way of looking at things to their favor. However, not everyone needs to be born an artist to produce or transform something into art. By learning some general principles of form, colors, composition, and other elements you can turn an average subject or scene into something artistic, impressive, emotive, exquisite and/or beautiful. Besides knowing this you can combine some elements and even develop your own concepts so you start creating new wonders. Some people don’t have the “artistic eye”, but by learning some of the principles I’ll teach you in this book, your pictures will be enhanced and will look more artistic and pleasing. And the best of all is that everyone can do it.

Picture of Le Louvre Museum in Paris, France by Jesús Rosas

Le Louvre Museum in Paris, France by Jesús Rosas

Picture titled: Prague-by-Jesus-Rosas-photography

Prague, Czech Republic taken by Jesús Rosas



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