Introduction to Camera Modes

Most digital cameras have some sort of camera modes. These camera modes are meant to help you to take pictures in various situations. Some modes will allow you to adjust the quantity of light in your picture, its sharpness, color tint, and more. We will discuss some of them.

Most DSLR cameras have their camera modes usually on the top. The two major brands would have something like this:

Image (try something similar to the one Capture.png you have)

The most common settings found in the most sophisticated cameras are Auto, P, A, S, and M modes for Nikon and Auto (a green rectangle), P, Tv, Av, and M for Canon. There are more modes, but we will talk about these settings first. And before we do that, take your camera and find these modes. I cannot tell you how to set the modes because each camera is different. But if yours has a dial with those letters on it, you’ll most likely be able to set them by rotating the dial. If nothing like this is seen, it will most likely be in the menu. Click menu and find camera modes. If you still can’t find it, you will have to check your manual.

If you check the manual, it shouldn’t be complicated to set these modes. Please before continuing reading, see if you can find the modes in your camera. Once done, we can talk about what these modes are.

Auto mode

Program mode

Aperture mode

Shutter Speed mode

Manual mode

Other modes


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