Introduction to Camera Modes: Auto Mode

We will talk about camera modes and we will start with the auto mode. In this mode the camera will set everything for you. The camera will automatically detect what kind of scene you’re looking at and it will automatically adjust the camera to optimize the image. the camera will measure how much light is out there and choose whether to use flash or not.

Auto mode will also focus on the subject automatically, it will decide what the proper color for your pictures should be, and above all, it will choose aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. These last three elements are so crucial that we will talk about them with more detail later in this book. And by the way once you learn about these three you won’t be taking pictures the same way ever again, it will be so cool once you know about it.

So, back to auto mode, auto mode is for those who just want to point and shoot without worrying too much about anything else. And if you always want to take pictures in auto mode, you probably shouldn’t buy a DSLR camera. You will learn why as you read along this blod.

Exercise: Take your camera and 1) set your camera to auto mode. 2) Take three pictures as listed below:

Picture 1. Take a picture of anything you want inside a house or building with the lights on or in a well lit place close to the windows.

Picture 2. Take another picture, also indoors, but with the lights off and away from any window or strong light. Even a dark room would work.

Picture 3. Take a picture outdoors; it can be a yard, a street, a landscape, whatever, but do it during a bright day.

Please don’t worry about whether your pictures are beautiful or not, it is just for you to learn how to set your camera in auto mode and see how the camera will adjusts itself to the picture circumstances.

Your pictures should have come up without any major surprises. Perhaps the picture in the dark may not look that great. But the point of this exercise is for you to notice that the camera will choose everything for you. In a darker place, your camera will probably take the picture with a flash. For the outdoor picture, which is most likely too bright, your camera will make adjustments to control the brightness of the day. Again, don’t worry whether your picture is nice or not, just learn how to set your camera to auto mode and see how it acts in different light situations.


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