Know Your Camera

Be familiar with these camera parts. You can learn more about your camera. Not all cameras are the same and this is why you will need to go through your manual. I know it may sound boring or scary. But you don’t need to read it all. Just a couple of things and one of them is the camera parts diagram.

When I first got my first DSLR camera, I was so excited that I just wanted to go out and start taking pictures. I didn’t even know how my camera worked. First thing I noticed it, my first pictures were taken after some delay. I felt frustrated. I thought my camera was taking such powerful pictures that it needed a couple of seconds before shooting. I had to plan my picture before taking them! I later learned that the camera was taking a 2 seconds delay because I had the self-timer set to 2 seconds. And as you probably know, the self-timer is an option that gives you a delay between the time you press the shutter release button and the moment it actually takes the picture. This is an option you can set so you can take a picture of yourself, usually in a group you want to be in. See? Just because I was impatient and didn’t read the manual.

Some things I recommend you to learn about your camera are the following:

  • Where is the shutter release button (the button to take pictures). Without this you won’t be able to take pictures!
  • How to set and remove the self-timer :)
  • How to take continuous shooting
  • How to turn the flash on and off
  • How to set aperture priority mode, shutter speed priority mode, and manual mode. If you don’t have these modes then learn how to change other modes (we will discuss them soon in this blog)
  • How to turn on and off the automatic display of the pictures your take after taking them.

Now that you know your camera better, let’s see some basic preparation so we can start shooting.


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