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Artistic Talent

Great sculptures, paintings, and architecture have been the work of many artists who seem to have been born with a special gift. Photography is also a form of art. Many photographers have used their artistic way of looking at things to their favor. However, not everyone needs to be born an artist to produce or transform something into art. By learning some general principles of form, colors, composition, and other elements you can turn an average subject or scene into something […]

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Technical Knowledge

Technical knowledge also matters, and a lot. Some people have great and expensive cameras, but they don’t know how to use them. I remember taking some pictures in Guilin, China using a setting called aperture mode in my camera. I was shooting when another man with a very nice and expensive equipment approached me and told me with a concerned and surprised tone, “Your camera is on A mode (aperture mode). Why don’t you set it on automatic mode?” This […]

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